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This is where we get to do some truly amazing work! 

Our BusinessSuccess Program is a comprehensive 12-month Program delivering to you detailed and dedicated business improvement information in a planned and structured environment. 

The modules covered are:

  • Vision and Strategic Planning
  • The Five Ways to Grow 1
  • The Five Ways to Grow 2
  • Positioning and Guarantees
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Your Activity Rate Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales Strategies and Conversion rates
  • Financial Management
  • Systems Development 1
  • Systems Development 2
  • Task Team and Time Control
  • IT and Database Management
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I wrote my condensed version of the full 12-month BusinessSuccess Program to meet the busy demands owners of small businesses have on their time.

Moving your business from Sweat to Sweet is simply working through 5 steps: a through e

  • Activate Your Vision
  • Build With Sales
  • Create The Team
  • Design The Systems
  • Employ Numbers

We deliver various elements of this program at various times through the life of your business and we find it gives you an extraordinary ability to compartmentalise your business into the most necessary elements to turn it around into something very meaningful.

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Every business on the planet (and I would imagine those on other planets as well) have activity and they do that activity at an average rate.

For a Plumbing business it's chargeable hours at an average hourly rate.  Builders and Consulting Engineers are exactly the same.  For a retail Dress Shop it's number of sales at an average sale price.  A Hairdressing Salon is exactly the same. 

It starts with understanding your overheads for the year.  From Accounting Fees to Zoological Expenses.  What do these total? 

Then, still with you, we look at your direct costs.  Clearly Cost of Goods Sold is important for retail businesses.  Hairdressing Salons and the like use product in the course of making a sale. 

We then build a desired Net Profit into those numbers and the final outcome is your business' Activity Rate Target. 

This becomes your weekly target.  When we do this we do not focus on your monthly MYOB or QuickBooks or Xero printouts!  There is a time and a place for monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets but not during ARTWorks. 

This is about knowing on a weekly basis how many sales you need to make and at what average sale price you need to make them in order to cover your direct costs, your overheads and to make you a profit.  Your Activity Rate Target! 

Our ARTWorks software does this.  Do you know yours?

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