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It's certainly true that I like writing and I have written a series of Business Tools and Systems that guide you in various matters of owning and operating a small business.  Containing worksheets, instructions and a free Faxback / Emailback these Tools are available as either A5 workbooks or pdf's for immediate download. 

Those written are:

  • The Business Planning System
  • The Cash Cycle System
  • The Break-Even System
  • The Stock Control System
  • The Referrals and Testimonials System
  • The Lead Generation System
  • The Lost and Lapsed Customers System
  • The Debtors Control System
  • The Manual Cashbook System
  • The Task Management System
  • The Future Fund System

I starting writing these Sales, Profit and Cash enhancement Tools during 2004 specifically for Australian SME's (you may know them as Small and Medium Enterprises).  Generally these businesses are those most in need of assistance and guidance.  They don't have the resources of big business so SME's need to be bolder, keener and sharper than their bigger cousins. 

Because of this I wanted something that was written in an easy style and presented in an A5 folder in order to give the Business-Owner a light manageable business Tool.  I didn't want them to have to lug around a weighty A4 folder padded out with unnecessary waffle.  I simply wanted sound logical management material. 

And why are they called Systems?

Because businesses can be managed better and in a way that doesn't cost too much money nor involve too much time.  Remember how 80% of all businesses fail in the first five years?  Almost all of them would have survived and many of them would be so much more successful if Business-Owners had Systems and Tools to run their businesses with. 

These are called Systems because there are four simple steps to take in order to gain one powerful tool to manage your business with.  By following the System, the Owner of any business will gain a thorough understanding of the topic and by then applying that understanding to their business they will be better-placed than ever before to truly create a successful business - AND THAT'S GUARANTEED

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