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Steinhardt Chartered Accountants is based in Brisbane and provides three specific services to clients in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia.

Firstly, the administration or bookkeeping function needs to be spot on. Completing Business Activity Statements isn't difficult but capturing the data to ensure all GST paid is claimed from the Tax Department and to ensure the Accounting System gives the Business-Owner accurate information with which to manage the business – that is the challenge. We complete 82 specific systemised tasks in this admin role.

Secondly, the year-end Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns must be compiled correctly. They need to give the least amount of income tax payable while supporting present and future bank borrowings and while maximising the future sale price of the business.

Thirdly, Tools and Systems written in-house to enhance sales, profit and cash, our ARTWorks and DOS programs, together with our "Profits, Life, Dieting and Dating" seminars and our "Sweat 2 Sweet" workshops give Business-Owners precisely what they need to truly create a successful business.

Robert Steinhardt formed the practice in 1991.

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